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We're software veterans who have built world-class products at startups, agencies, and enterprise companies. We can help anyone from an entrepreneur with an idea to established brands in need of some entrepreneurial spirit.

Meet the Team

  • Joe Lind

    Joe Lind

    Director / Developer

    Joe has been fortunate to work in some of the coolest new technologies and with some of the finest software teams around. He is a ferocious refactorer who especially enjoys tackling tough database and data modeling problems. When he's not at the office, he enjoys depositing golf balls deep in the woods that surround some of the Cape's best golf courses.

  • Jeremy Weiskotten

    Jeremy Weiskotten

    Director / Developer

    Jeremy has been programming since he was eight and shipping web apps with Rails since 2007, after more than a decade of building enterprise applications with C++ and Java. Jeremy likes great design, football, craft beer, good whiskey, video games, and fun with friends and family on Lake Champlain.

  • Cort Johnson

    Cort Johnson

    Director / Business Development

    Cort has been building and evangelizing web and mobile based products for the last seven years. At Terrible Labs, he runs point on client projects and handles all potential clients interested in working with the Terrible Labs team. When not at Terrible Row, Cort works with the Boston startup community through DartBoston and running long distances along the Charles.

  • Mike Denomy

    Mike Denomy


    Mike has extensive experience applying and teaching Agile/XP software development practices including test-driven development, automated testing, pair-programming, continuous integration, iteration and release planning, and retrospectives. And a big Boston sports fan.

  • Alex Jarvis

    Alex Jarvis


    Alex started his web development career as an academic in the Digital Humanities community before moving on to full-stack web development. He is most interested in projects with a clear narrative, always keeping in mind the audience that his code seeks to delight. A fan of homebrew(ing) beer, comics, and board games, his employment at Terrible Labs confirms a life-long suspicion that he would one day work in close proximity with a dinosaur.

  • Taylor Kearns

    Taylor Kearns


    Taylor began his development career as a freelancer and later moved into the advertising world, where he established front-end development skills and an eye for design. He quickly gained the desire to become a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer and found that opportunity at Terrible Labs. He is a Rocky Mountain native and relishes the opportunity to get away from the city with his fly rod or snowboard.

  • Dan Luchi

    Dan Luchi


    What does Dan want? Time travel! When does he want it? Irrelevant!

  • Krystle Maestes

    Krystle Maestes


    Krystle began her marketing career in the music industry then pivoted toward a life in digital product and user experience design. Though she obsesses over beautiful design, she believes in functionality first and quality research. Lots of it. She is a California native who loves tiny New England main streets, live music at The Sinclair, small regulahs at Dunkin and swimming in lakes.

  • Thomas Mayfield

    Thomas Mayfield


    Thomas has built quality software with every kind of technology he can get his hands on, and has worked in environments as varied as product shops, research labs, and consultancies. A firm believer in test-driven development and little-A agile process, he's always looking for ways to bring the human element to the business of writing code and building great products. When not in front of a keyboard, he can be found reading bad science fiction or brewing and consuming good beer.

  • Nick Pachulski

    Nick Pachulski


    Nick has been coding since he found a book on QBasic in his third grade's library. He used to love tinkering in assembly, but now his main ambition is to create the best mobile apps. Though definitely unqualified, Nick fancies himself as a designer (when there are no designers around). When not in front of a glowing rectangle, Nick enjoys watching hockey, playing soccer, and sipping on a good IPA. Nick graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a degree in computer science.

  • Lisa Plesko

    Lisa Plesko


    Lisa brings a passion for technology & design, two interests fostered while growing up in a family of artists & engineers. Prior to making the transition into software development, Lisa served as Creative Director for a global sports marketing & event management company. With a desire to build & design online platforms, she quickly fell in love with Ruby on Rails & all things full-stack. A native of Pittsburgh, Lisa proudly displays her #terribletowel at Terrible Labs.

  • Maggie Steciuk

    Maggie Steciuk

    Creative Director

    Maggie believes that, at its core, design is about problem solving. She draws many insights from her engineering background, but is an artist at heart. She is passionate about beautiful yet functional design, along with standards-compliant code, and has been bringing that passion to client work for the past 7 years. Off the clock, Maggie enjoys decorating, writing with good pens, and playing with other people's dogs (one day, she hopes to have her own).

  • Galia Traub

    Galia Traub


    Galia is a digital vagabond living on and off the Rails since 2009. She sees coding as a means to solve interesting challenges and is driven to distill problems down to their essence. In addition to distilled problems, she loves distilled spirits in the form of whiskey, camping, and barbecuing.

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